The right eCommerce packaging solutions must solve multiple issues. They include:

  • Lowering the return rates by preventing shipping damages
  • Reducing shipping costs by getting lighter and smaller
  • Increasing brand identification
  • Improving customer satisfaction

Corrugated boxes are very common and widely used packaging material for e-Commerce industry. These boxes are the best packaging solution as this material is very strong and highly durable. The carton (or commonly called as outer brown box) keep the product safe and secure while storing and shipping. These secondary packaging is available in different sizes, styles and with different specifications to choose from.

Courier bags are nothing but a flexible pouch which is widely used for shipping purposes. Some of these bags have specialised features like tamper evidence, bubble, or POD jackets. These pouches vary from simple courier bags to the specialised one which is used to fulfil specific packaging application. Some of these pouches feature bubble inside which give extra protection. These air bubble pouches and bubble laminated pouches are used for breakable products at low shipping cost like Jewellery items, CDs, clothing.


Some of these bags also features tamper evidence which give an indication of first opening. These bags save on postage and provide high – strength and are water resistance. One of another feature is POD jackets in bags which can be used to add invoice and other documents with the shipment. Customised Pouches with printing and branding is the main requirement of the customers But printing involves preparation of artwork, cylinder and many other tedious processes. These customised pouches are always supplied in higher quantity by the suppliers.

Tapes are universal packaging material used for sealing of carton and other materials. These BOPP based tapes can be used standard and can be made customised by printing of company logo and other details. These printed tapes enhance the branding of a company. Commonly used for medium and heavy duty carton sealing, these tapes are useful in strapping and bundling, normal repairs, stationery purpose.


These bags are specialised one with advanced features which helps in securing product from counterfeiting. These security envelops are of different types such as Paper based, kraft based and metallic multilayer bubble envelops. These paper or kraft based and other envelops looks like a normal envelop used to ship document in secured manner. These envelop are laminated from inside or incorporate some specialised feature which made your document safe by preventing unwanted tearing and tampering. Multilayer bubble envelop are specialised one which is used to pack electronic items.

This is very rare to find a product or item that fits exactly in a shipping container or box without any additional space around the edges. Most mailing boxes are significantly larger than the items they’re designed to hold. In such case packing peanuts are the good choice.